Monday, October 25, 2004

Identity Crisis Again

Yes, I know I said that I wouldn't mention Identity Crisis here, but I think I said it was only if there wasn't any good info. Well, there is. Or may be. Or not.

Apparently, there are two scenarios for the end of the series.

1) The villain is revealed, but the heroes never find out the truth. Meaning we know, but they don't.

2) The villain is not revealed and we're left in the lurch,

Of course, the second option will leave a lot of people pissed. A LOT. So, don't expect that to happen.

That doesn't meant that there isn't a third scenario, and that has the villain revealed, but its not the real villain.

TV/Movie comic tie-ins


The madness continues. Look for big (and small) publishers bringing out more books with TV and movie tie-ins over the next year or so. On the agenda are Dukes of Hazzard, Bewitched, King Kong, Ultraviolet and an interesting one based on new hot show Desparate Housewives. Avatar anyone?

Dazzled by Mrs Federline

Could Marvel really be in talks with a hot young (ahem) musician about starring in a movie based on the never popular character Dazzler? Of course not.

But could they ask her to provide some assistance to get a new book based on the disco diva launched?

Of course they couldn't.

Could they?

Edit - changed title because someone much smarter than I emailed to say I had the name wrong. Apologies to any actual or potential spouses of male tennis players.

Millarworld: The Movie?

Word comes from on high that there will be a movie made surrounding the events of a popular Internet message board. Since the comics medium has given birth to many of these; many more than most industries, then it is only natural to believe the movie will be based on one of our own.

Interesting concept, but would you really pay upwards of $10 to sit and watch 2 hours of bickering fanboys; creator bating/lovin'; or jokes surround sodomy with Christmas meats?

Now, a comic or graphic novel about similar antics is an entirely different matter.

Isn't it?

Campaigning for Comics

For those of you who didn't know, there's an election next week. Seriously. If you can, get out and vote.

Anyway, some people have wondered why DC have not been doing much to reflect this potential time of change within their own titles, or more specifically in the pages of the Superman books. Well, don't they have a President there, who just happens to be the Big Red S' arch nemesis?

Many have put this off as being just a reflection on the comic book universe's slow timeline, cutely referred to as "DC Years" (seven world years = 1 DC year).

However, if truth be told they forgot. They went and exiled their Pres in some swamp somewhere, muttering some insane rantings, and forgot to get him back in time for his own re-election.

Oh well, Black Lightning in '08 anyone?


What, you missed me? Me too. Mwah!

So, I was on vacation last week and unfortunately nobody took up the reigns. Of course, I didn't ask anyone, so I guess its my own fault.

Anyway, lots of good rumors came my way, but there's no point in publishing them because they're all old news now having been run already at Newsarama, All The Rage and Sheep Felcher's Weekly.

Still, more than enough to whet your appetite this week, so on we go.

P.S. You may, or may not, have seen me being described as a moron at one of the more popular creator's messageboards. All I can say is, I have now arrived.