Saturday, September 11, 2004

Childish, moi?

Speaking of Marvel (and to be honest, I believe we will be speaking of them frequently; because of their high profile within the comics community of course), their esteemed
EiC is apparently all over the DC offices. No, he hasn't defected, or tried a daring raid on the competition.

No, a photoshopped version of the cover of NYX #1 is aparently on quite a number of walls. And what is photoshopped? Well lets just say that a certain EiC's head replaces that of the character on the original cover, but with pacifier still in place.

As this poorly photoshopped picture shows, this is how it might look.

Avengers She Wrote

By now, everyone who has been following the disassembling and reassembling of the Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis knows the line-up. However, there is one more spot left in the team, described as a mystery character.

Whilst speculation abounds as to the identity of this character, I can reveal that it is actually a guest spot, with a rotating cast filling the hole when required depending on the arc.

However, those joining the ranks of Earths Greatest Heroes are not staples of the Marvel stable. Whilst the team has might and right, wisecracking and snikt, they are missing the deductive mind of a master detective, something which DC has aplenty (Batman and Ralph Dibny being the most recognisable) but which is thin on the ground around the House of Ideas. However, Marvel don't want to introduce a character just to fill the criteria, because... well, basically because they know that Fanboys will be up in arms due to these new characters not being Avengers material and there being plenty of other established Marvel properties ripe for a place in the line-up.

So Marvel have gone for fictional TV detectives.

Not only are they established characters, but they are also a potential draw for fans outside the comic medium.

The first arc has Jessica Fletcher; the second Ironside and the third (rounding out year one and making for a fine HC collection) Magnum PI and Jim Rockford. No word on Hercule Poirot, however a time-travelling story may allow Cap et al to hook up with Miss Marple at some point, to tackle the might of Kang. It is also believed that Mark Millar is working on Ultimate Taggart, bringing the rugged Scottish detective in to assist The Ultimates.

Friday, September 10, 2004

CrossGen lives... well, at least the name does

The latest buzz is that various people connected with the comic book biz (and outside of the sphere) are bidding to buy up CrossGen for around $500,000. However, I hear that there are discussions to actually sell the name to a new franchise for a fraction of that price.

Paul Cross, of Bakersfield CA, is in discussions to name his new business after the failed comics publisher. And that business is?

Well, the term is gender reassignment, but you and I know it by its older name of sex change. Yes, the name will live on as CrossGen(der) Inc.

Kind of warming ain't it?

DC: Robotized

Ever since the success of Marvel's Ultimate line there have been whispers, nudges and winks that DC would follow suit, creating a spin-off from their regular universe and re-imagining characters for the 21st Century. Many believed that by abandoning Hypertime (and specifically Grant Morrison's proposed Hypercrisis) they had missed the boat. Others believe that the closest DC would get was their Just Imagine, Stan Lee Creating... series (and sighed with relief when they weren't made ongoings).

Recently, more hints about an Ultimised DCU have been doing the rounds. However, it would appear that these are a little wide of the mark.

DC are, in fact, creating what is being dubbed as the Robotized Universe; taking their flagship characters and... well, making them robots.

It seems that DC are eyeing the market for toy/robot/comics tie-ins, and after the stir over the use of the Superman/Batman robot in the pages of the titular book, plus issue #7 of that series drawn by Pat Lee, DC are ready to hand over the keys to the big box o' iconic heroes and let Mr Lee go crazy.

Expect transforming Bat-family members and plenty of lubrication being passed around the Birds of Prey.


Welcome to the first edition of The Comics Outsider, the latest word in comic book rumours. As usual with these things, these are just rumours; they may come true, or they may be bull, only time will tell. As such take everything you read here with a pinch of the proverbial.

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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Avengers Disassembled - SPOILERS

A message from a very reliable source (a Captain of industry if you will) sent me this message:

I think the rumors that Scarlet Witch is the cause of Disassembled are correct. I just remembered walking around the Chicago con and saw [artist] David Finch and this chick dressed as the Scarlet Witch wanted a picture with him. When she walked away, someone made a crack to Finch that she wasn't gonna be thrilled when he and Bendis killed her off. He was like..."well...I'm not saying she dies, but...she's not gonna be happy."

Take that as you will.