Friday, September 10, 2004

DC: Robotized

Ever since the success of Marvel's Ultimate line there have been whispers, nudges and winks that DC would follow suit, creating a spin-off from their regular universe and re-imagining characters for the 21st Century. Many believed that by abandoning Hypertime (and specifically Grant Morrison's proposed Hypercrisis) they had missed the boat. Others believe that the closest DC would get was their Just Imagine, Stan Lee Creating... series (and sighed with relief when they weren't made ongoings).

Recently, more hints about an Ultimised DCU have been doing the rounds. However, it would appear that these are a little wide of the mark.

DC are, in fact, creating what is being dubbed as the Robotized Universe; taking their flagship characters and... well, making them robots.

It seems that DC are eyeing the market for toy/robot/comics tie-ins, and after the stir over the use of the Superman/Batman robot in the pages of the titular book, plus issue #7 of that series drawn by Pat Lee, DC are ready to hand over the keys to the big box o' iconic heroes and let Mr Lee go crazy.

Expect transforming Bat-family members and plenty of lubrication being passed around the Birds of Prey.

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