Monday, January 10, 2005

Teen superhero in 4 part harmony

Thanks to Harvey for this one:

"Isaac (Mizrahi) is directing a movie, written by someone else, which will be released in 4 parts.

What we know about the plot is that it is about a teenage girl who has superpowers. There will be some product placement within the movie, but not much."

Honestly, someone forwarded this to me. You think I could make that up?

Q-Tip Heroes

Okay, not really a rumor, but it has been a light few weeks.

Here is a great site which I want to patronize. Not patronize, patronize. Know what I mean?

Its called the Swab 'O' Justice and features Q-tips designed like your favorite Marvel and DC Heroes. Just so:

"Q-tip Superman, Q-tip Batman, Q-tip Wonder Woman, Q-tip Green Lantern (Hal), Q-tip Martian Manhunter.
That first hero could be Marvel's Moon Night, or Dagger, or Gentleman Ghost, or Wendigo, or ("Oh, just stop!")"

Could this be the New, New Avengers line-up?

For more (including a great reconstruction of Crisis on Infinite Earths #7) go to

Of course, I can now turn this into a rumor by saying that DC are currently trying to publish a tie-in book written by Grant Morrison and pencilled by Kyle Baker.

Hey, I'd buy it.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Elektra Eunuch

Uber Feminist Germaine Greer (and new Celebrity Big Brother star in the UK) has been tapped to write a new Elektra mini for Marvel. If sales are good, it could turn into an ongoing.

In this incarnation, the once dead assassin has to team up with a mysogonist character by the name of Mad Breltzer as he is the only key to finding an ancient artefact that also just happens to be the last remnant of Elektra's youth. Its the "road movie" (in comic book form) that you'll not want to miss.


Just say no to All Stars

After the teasing has gone, and while arousal begins surrounding DC's All Stars, the alledged response to Marvel's Ultimate Universe - okay, so I got it wrong with "Robotised", feh - rumor has it that some creators within the DC hallowed halls are putting together a petition to block the possible naming of the JLA book. Apparently, following on from Marvel's Ultimate version of the Avengers being called The Ultimates, DC high ups wanted to call the All Star JLA The All Stars. Which, of course, most creators think will be stupid.

Where have all the rumors gone?

Have you checked under the seat of the couch? Thats where they normally end up?

Yes, this site has lapsed, but with so many rumor columns out there, there just aren't many good stories floating about that haven't been covered by other sites. Or maybe no one likes me.

Still, I have some today, so that's better than nothing right?