Monday, January 10, 2005

Q-Tip Heroes

Okay, not really a rumor, but it has been a light few weeks.

Here is a great site which I want to patronize. Not patronize, patronize. Know what I mean?

Its called the Swab 'O' Justice and features Q-tips designed like your favorite Marvel and DC Heroes. Just so:

"Q-tip Superman, Q-tip Batman, Q-tip Wonder Woman, Q-tip Green Lantern (Hal), Q-tip Martian Manhunter.
That first hero could be Marvel's Moon Night, or Dagger, or Gentleman Ghost, or Wendigo, or ("Oh, just stop!")"

Could this be the New, New Avengers line-up?

For more (including a great reconstruction of Crisis on Infinite Earths #7) go to

Of course, I can now turn this into a rumor by saying that DC are currently trying to publish a tie-in book written by Grant Morrison and pencilled by Kyle Baker.

Hey, I'd buy it.

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