Tuesday, March 21, 2006

McGuinness Book of Records

Yeah, my puns are getting hard to maintain.

Anyway, Marvellous M didn't give one scoop, but two in saying that "Ed McG is going Marvel exclusive". Now, it could be that he got his G and B mixed up and he means Ed McBain, but I think that since its Marvel and a comics rumor then its more likely to be Ed McGuinness.

As ever, we'll see.


Apparently Jeph Loeb will be working with none other than Rob Liefeld on a Marvel project in 2007.

Thanks to Marvellous M for that one.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Outsider at Yourmomsbasement.com - 18th March 2006

This week's rumors are up here

A snippet:


DC are rumored to be creating a new crossover for 2007 which focuses on crimes which really don't affect anyone, on the surface. These are masterminded by the usual suspect - aka Lex Luthor - to really piss of Superman and Co. There will be 2 kinds - Corporate and Really Stupid. The Corporate is of course inspired by the recent fraudulent activities by some big organisations (woo double entry book-keeping strikes the DCU!) but the Really Stupid crimes are the best where such grotesque and horrific villains as The Joker, Sinestro, Mr Zzazzzzazzz and new Batfoes Chicken 'n' Basket run around helping old ladies across roads they don't want to go across, wearing really loud clothes at sombre occasions and miming people into a state of hysteria. Top stuff.