Thursday, February 24, 2005

The End

Okay, you got me. I haven't been here much updating or talking my usual nonsense. There's no real reason other than I ran out of stuff to print. You get that sometimes; its not block, more like inaction. Maybe? I don't know.

Anyway, something else happened recently that made me think that even though this was only a laugh, rumor columns can wound. They can inflict damage and heartache, and while they haven't ever been proven to have killed someone, one day they might. Who am I to write crap about people? Who are any of us to do that? Even though the rumors may be true, or complete rubbish, they could affect the lives of someone out there. Someone who may be hurting, or damn well will be after they read about their favorite creator drawing nudie books instead of Ultimate Somesuch. So no, I can't go on. The power of this column, and others like it could potentially be too devastating and I for one cannot sit idly by if I am contributing to someone's pain and suffering.

So, it ends here.

It was a fun experiment and did what it should have. Not exactly what was said on the tin, but pretty close.

To all my fan, thanks for your support. You're a great mother.

And to the people who actually gave me scoops, good or bad, thanks for playing. I hope you understand.

So, until we all meet up in some strange world or indeed, some other strange Internet dwelling, have fun and be safe.