Monday, October 11, 2004

Variant madness

With the Wolverine #20 variant already selling on Ebay for over $100 before it was even released, is variant madness and the return of the speculator just around the corner? Could be, if you look at the number of variants Marvel have released in the past few months, not to mention the tidy amount that DC have thrown to the hungry masses.

But is a new, more deadly variant, being prepared for launch?

After the debacle (read: media opportunity/PR stunt) that was Marvels 50/50 shipping of a b&w pencilled Ultimates Vol2 #1, rumor has it that the next big thing are complete variant books. Yes, one issue is in the pipeline of a big title, which will ship as 90% regular and 10% variant which contains a totally different storyline inside.

Yep, different characters and plots, written and drawn by different creators.

Ludicrous? We'll see.

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Anonymous said...


I'm going to buy like 10 issues of each, no matter which title it is...