Saturday, September 25, 2004

Alf alpha

Look out for another comic/TV-nostalgia tie when Image come out with their interpretation of "A.L.F.". Look for a more gritty, and less hilarious cat chasing take on the character when the book hits the shelves next year. With the cast of the show either dead, in jail or filed in the "where are the now, oh who cares?" category, coupled with the need to try and reach out to a more mature audience, the cuddly alien won't be so cuddly. Instead, he'll be revealing the real reason why he came to Earth: to save us from other marauding aliens who destroyed his home and desecrated his momma's grave.

Kurt Busiek and George Perez have nothing to do with the book. But it would be a hoot with them though.

Expect a huge surge in demand for the old Marvel books.


Alf Alpha said...


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Anonymous said...

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