Thursday, September 23, 2004

Chosen: The Animated Series

Much was made of a post started by Mark Millar on his Millarworld boards last week. Basically it was a call to the mods to give them some juicy info. Of course he wasn't telling anyone else. Oh no. People from far and not so far came and begged for the merest tasty morsel of news, but he wasn't giving anything. Other swore at him and the word "weak" was used quite a bit, sometimes with "fucking" and "lame" around abouts too.

He then started a similar thread over on the Bendis boards, and revealed it was to do with Chosen.

While Mark couldn't reveal the story, I can. Yes, its another of Millarworld titles which will make it to the screen, but not as a movie... its Chosen, the Animated Series.

While a big budget movie might make some cash riding on the coat-tails of The Passion of The Christ, it is believed that it would just look like a rip-off of another franchise (and The Omen perhaps?). When has Hollywood ever done that.

So, HBO have picked up the rights to do it as a cartoon, for an initial 13 episodes. Of course this means that the 3 issue book will need to be expanded, so a team of scriptwriters are hurriedly beavering away to create more material. The format will alledgedly follow Jodie helping out a friend or neighbor each week. He will struggle not to use his new powers, instead using human compasionate means to assist. In the end though, he'll give in and whip up a miracle or two just before the morale of the story. No word on whether the big Chosen reveal will be repeated at the end of the series.

At the moment, Ashton Kucher has signed on to voice Jodie Christianson; Helena Bonham Carter will play his mom and Mick Jagger has expressed more than a passing interest to be the priest, Father Tom.

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