Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Analogous Analogies

We've had Marvel's version of the JLA (Squadron Supreme/Supreme Power) and Wildstorm's version of the Avengers (the Americans from The Authority, who of course have some analogous versions of the JLA in there too). Hell, most of Wanted's protagonists are analogies of other publishers' characters. But where will it all end?

Not good if what I hear is true.

It appears that the New Avengers will be pitting their wits against analogues of... well, themselves. It won't be cloned versions, nor robotics. Neither will they just be evil dopplegangers or inter-dimensional copies.

No, they will be amalgamated versions of each team member. So, prepare yourself for Sentry America, Spider-ine and Captain Cage. The question is, what matter transporter did they all get screwed up in?

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