Monday, September 13, 2004

The Flipside of Marvel Two-in-One

How do you sell two books but only print one? Simple, put two comics together in one package, and flip one over. Stick on 50% of the usual cover price, and split evenly between the titles. Increase the content to 30 pages (reducing each title to 15 pages) + ads. Rack them whichever way you want and stand well back.

Watch in awe as people flock to pick up their favorite book, only to find something else tacked on the end for just a fraction extra.

For retailers you can also rip the thing in half and staple on a blank sheet of paper, selling each one separately and making even more money.

For the publisher, they can always say its a route to allow possibly overlooked books to get an inroad into the marketplace.

But who could dream up this concept?

Look out for X-Men/Rocket Racer, Daredevil/Unus, Amazing Spider-Man/Lockjaw in the very near future.

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