Monday, September 13, 2004

Moore Idol

We've had Pop Idol, Porn Idol and even Comic Book Idol, but is there room for any more? Or should we say any moore?

Yes, the search is on for the successor to Alan Moore.

Since the big man is slinking into retirement once more, and nuking his ABC line (sans some of the titles), replacements are being sought. Problem is, the company behind this believe that someone with his unique vision and extraordinary talent is just sitting there at home, minding their own business until someone comes along and prods them into action. To say this is a little naive is perhaps a huge understatement.

Not to mention the fact that they will be inundated with submissions from (most likely) tens of thousands of people and someone is going to have to wade into them. The medical bills will be enormous.

However, could the publicity be worth it all?

Expect news of a universe wide contest very soon.

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